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Pass our Evaluation and become one of our Proprietary Traders in under 30 days.

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See our new trading parameters below. Our Evaluation provides traders with the most freedom, flexibility and chance of success. We are without a doubt the most accepting and competitive Proprietary Trading Company in the industry. Take a look below to see why:

8% Profit Target

We have an 8% profit target during your evaluation, which is the best in the industry. Traders are free to execute any strategy to reach this target, so long as we can replicate it.


Combine that with our other great parameters and achieving this is much more realistic.

85/15 Profit Split

As a serious Proprietary Trading Company, our business has grown and acquired more talented traders. As a result, we're able to match and create new industry standards with a 85/15 profit split.


We originally started with a 50/50 split back in 2019. As time goes by, our growth made it easier for us to improve conditions making it even more rewarding to become one of our proprietary traders. We do everything we can to make traders successful and our evaluations simple.

120% Refund

At The Trading Capital, we all know how satisfying it is to receive your refund with your profit split. We've gone ahead and made it little sweeter for our traders.


Not only do we provide the best conditions and parameters to help traders succeed, but we also provide a full 120% refund for traders on their first successful profit split.

No Restrictions for EAs, News and Weekends

When we say no restrictions, we mean it. As long as your strategy is profitable, respects real market conditions, you can use it.

We allow you to use EA's, use trade copiers, trade through the news and also hold trades over the weekend. All this in combination with the above, it's never been so easy to become one of our proprietary traders.

12% Maximum Drawdown


At The Trading Capital, we keep it simple and assist you in passing the Evaluation. We are one of the only proprietary trading firms that have a 12% maximum drawdown restriction and a 6% maximum daily loss. This gives traders a lot more breathing room to execute their strategies.

The importance is having more wiggle-room is second-to-none. We understand mistakes can happen. You can now execute your strategies with more comfort and peace of mind.

Bi-Weekly Withdrawals

We know what it's like waiting for your withdrawal or your first profit split. The days of monthly profit splits are over.

As a serious Proprietary Trading Company, traders will able to access their profits quickly. You no longer need to wait 30 days and be tempted to over-trade. You can now get that first withdraw and refund a whole lot sooner, with absolutely no minimum withdrawal amount.

Scaling Plan up to $2,500,000

Want to add more capital to your portfolio? We're all the capital you'll ever need. If you're talented and do well enough, we'll increase your account size by 25% every 3 months if you're able to make 5% each of those months.

Simply put, make 15% every 3 months and we'll provide you with more capital, all the way up to $2,500,000. 

For detailed information regarding these parameters and rules, please visit our FAQ page.


View our trading objectives below and see if you're capable of becoming one of our proprietary traders.



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The Trading Capital was started in 2019 and is a small Proprietary Trading Company located in the heart of Square One and beside the beautiful Monroe towers in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. We are located on the 15th Floor of 4 Robert Speck Parkway. Our firm began as private-only access for close friends, family and colleagues, operating through email and word-of-mouth.

As we moved into 2021, we became open to the public and launched our website, to give more people access to our platform. 

Our growth has been slow and steady. We don't do any fancy marketing or advertising. We aim for quality over quantity and ensure we have enough manpower and resources to help our clients.


Our goal was and always will be, to help people with the right skills and talents achieve financial freedom.


Due to the current pandemic situation, our physical offices are not in use. We are fortunate enough to live in a time where we can operate at 100% capacity during these troubling times. We hope that everyone is doing well and we are doing our part to help traders around the world achieve financial freedom.

To contact us, please email

Yours truly,